Dettol hand wash market size

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In November another new ad was launched comparing vs. The market can be classified into about ten different appeals such as Beauty, Health, Fairness, Freshness, Herbal etc. Many schools celebrate it to co-relate with the overall cleanliness and hygiene drive. It attempted to pull the consumer base towards its product promise of non-sting.

It is celebrated every year on October 15where each year approximately million people are involved in celebrations across over countries globally.

Dettol makes a clean sweep

It is not supported on air. As the market evolved and the Pouch refill segment grew, all the other competitors entered the pouch refill segment in A sum of crore is planned from RB for next 5 years.

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Growth Drivers of Business of Handwash: While some brands are strong across the market, others have their strongholds in only some of the regions in the country. Given the size of the market, the support behind the category has been overall at a rather low level.

Dettol sales grew year after year, with communication being renewed periodically to keep consumer interest in the brand promise alive.

Dettol makes a clean sweep

It used to be the strong number two brand until recently. It was highly visible on-air with a range of Aishwarya Rai copies. The campaign will also support the infrastructure for construction and maintenance of toilets. However, given its heritage and years of existence, Dettol Original Soap continues to be the lead variant, and top of mind when it came to Dettol Soaps see Exhibit 3g for variant contribution for Dettol and some major competitors.

Moreover, while consumers accepted that germs might be presented, the linkage of germs to the illnesses they cause was limited. The brand team felt a need to launch variants in Dettol Soap given that sensorial measures like fragrance, moisturized soft skin, etc were key drivers when it came to consumers choosing their soap brands.

Pricing also plays a big role in this market that can be segmented as economy, mid-price and premium. Over the years, the product has been extended for other disinfection uses like adding to bathing water, disinfecting baby nappies, adding to water while mopping etc.

Variants become a key driver for widening the consumer choice set in such a shopping pattern. Exhibit 2 Antiseptic Liquid market 2a. From making them feel safe and secure about the well-being of their family to making the mother feel that she has done the best for her family, the brand evokes positive imageries and emotions.

It has been likened to a bodyguard who protects them from the unclean and unhygienic outside world. However, the awareness for refill packs is still low.

The Business Of Hand Wash

At this point in time, these two segments are not the focus for the team. With media support and strong promotional support, supporting its relaunch, it has made quick gains in this segment.

The liquid hand wash portfolio is sold via all three distribution channels of the company, namely:. Due to the huge size of the rural market in India, other companies, international, national or local can enter the market. 3. The threat of existing competitors Due to the huge size of the rural market in India, existing players in the liquid hand wash market are a source of competition in the rural market like: • Lifebuoy • Palmolive • Fem 4.

In liquid hand wash category, Dettol holds 50% market share.

Dettol Original Liquid Handwash (200ml)

In Dettol was the leader in the hand wash category with a share of 53 per cent. Lifebuoy had a share of %. Find great deals on eBay for dettol hand wash. Shop with confidence. Hand Wash & Sanitizers / Dettol Original Liquid Handwash (ml) Weight: Length: Width: Height: Availability: Dettol Original Liquid Handwash (ml) Washing your hands with soap and water is the best way to reduce the number of microbes on them.

However, there can be situations where soap and/ or water are not available. In liquid hand wash category, Dettol holds 50% market share. In the size of liquid hand wash market was around Rs. 59 Crores by end of ; From a low penetration in India (estimates around 10% of all households) for liquid hand wash penetration of liquid hand wash is has gained momentum.

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Dettol hand wash market size
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